Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the process entirely confidential?

The whole process is confidential, it is however important to note that certain items of selling properties have to remain in the public domain, such as the sale price of the property.

Are there any hidden fees?

Are there any hidden fees? There are NO fees , full stop. The money we offer , is the most net you will get.

How much will I get for my property?

Our offer will meet many criteria ..the area your property is located, the overall condition of the property , the type of property and the overall value of properties in the general area, our offer will be generous but slightly under market value.

Do I have to do any work?

This is a stress free transaction, the whole process is managed by our team.

How long does it take?

Our goal is to have the transaction completed in under 6 weeks.

What exactly is your house buying process?

We have three well rounded steps but it important to note each clients valuation differs, here is the breakdown :

1. Information Gathering

We get to know you, we want to know what are your needs and fears in the process, we will answer all questions.

2. Valuation Report

Valuation report is next, we correlate all the information that has been researched by our experts which includes an extensive overview of the information. We would be in a position to then make the cash offer 5-7 days ( working days) once the offer has been received , you will have 28 days to make a decision to accept the offer. It’s important to note, we can facilitate a completion date that suits you. 

3. Acceptance

Acceptance, once you have accepted the offer and finalised the completion date, we will endeavor to provide a stress free service that is fast and easy, allowing us to do what we do best.

How do you reach the valuation of my property?

We have a team of property market experts who will speak to local property agents and surveyors in the general area to ascertain a market value of your property but please be aware that our off will be slightly less that the current market value.

Do I need to find a solicitor?

If you do not currently have a solicitor, As part of the stress free service we can recommend solicitors who are experts in housing , all solicitors will be regulated by the Irish Law Society.

If I have inherited a property, can I sell it?

Once it has completed the probate process we can buy the property.

Can I change my mind after to you have made the offer??

Absolutely, you are under NO obligation to proceed and to remind you , you have 28 days to think it over.